Follow the Fairy Trail to: 196 Winton Road, Joondalup WA

TFS Academy Dance Classes

Grown out of your fairy wings but still want to dance? TFS Dance Academy offers a range of dance classes for all ages and abilities. We have classes in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Acro, Hip Hop, Commercial Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and Strength & Technique.

Offering recreational classes for those that just want to dance and have fun, whilst learning new techniques. Royal Academy of Dance Ballet School and CSTD Jazz programs are available for those wanting to enhance their ability to enter competitions and exams. Our program is ever growing with a constant focus on including something for everyone.

Hip Hop

The most popular form of modern dance as seen on many music videos. Street dance which has been redeveloped by trained dancers to become choreographed dance style.


Classes work on stretching and strengthening the body. Learning how to create tricks in a safe environment, using mats and specialist equipment.


Fun & energetic class which includes elements of strength and jazz techniques accompanied by learning and retaining current choreography as you would see in musicals.

Commercial Jazz

Combines many styles & focus's on the dancers style, groove & musicality. This style of Jazz is very current in the dance industry today and is a trendy style of dance that every dancer would enjoy!

Musical Theatre

Sing, Act, Dance and perform. Classes will include all elements of stage performing, building confidence to to shine and become triple threats!


For the experienced ballerina, these classes will follow Royal Academy Dance program, with an option to take exams each year. Under the guidance of our highly trained teacher Miss Christina Federici Di Donna

Strength & Technique

Strengthening, stretching and dance technique will be the focus of these classes. Dance education and research is proving specialist equipment and exercise can be used to enhance dancers technique.

Lyrical & Contemporary

A combination of two expressive styles of dance to let each student to create their own style through individuality. Using the flowing movement of lyrical and the hard hitting movement of contemporary, this genre can be good for the mind as well as the body.

What to expect in our TFS Academy Dance Classes

As a parent, choosing which activities to put our kids in is a tough decision to make. But once they attend their first lesson at The Fairyshop, you will not be disappointed. Professionally trained teachers co-ordinate Classes for Kids in our beautiful custom-built fairy venue in Joondalup.

Our teachers are absolutely adored by their students, just as the teachers adore them too! Our new and improved program here in Joondalup is considered the “go-to” place for young fun Dance Classes in the Perth Northern Suburbs.

With Ballet, Tap, Acro, Hiphop and Musical Theatre classes for children aged 6 years up, our vast timetable is sure to suit your family’s schedule. In addition, The Fairyshop offers the first lesson as a Free Trial class. This enables you to have peace of mind knowing they can try out a class before making the commitment to enrol in weekly dance classes. Most of all, TFS Dance Academy classes are designed to be fun!