Follow the Fairy Trail to: 196 Winton Road, Joondalup WA

Fairy Dance Classes

Fairy Ballet, Tap, Acro, Musical Theatre and Footloose Fairies are recreational dance classes specifically designed for children who just want to enjoy dancing for fun! Our gorgeous Fairies have so much fun in Fairyland.

If you're looking for a fantastic kids ballet class, then you'e found it! The Fairyshop in Joondalup offers a dance school just for students who want to have fun! All of the kids dance classes are run in a non-competitive, gentle, and success oriented environment. Therefore you can always expect the class to be taught in an age appropriate manner, with all exercises and music targeted to the developmental ability of each group.

Fairy Dance classes are recreational and designed for children who love to dance. We employ our "Gentle Fairy Teaching Methodologies" amd therefore focus on creating a magical, creative and fun environment using a variety of activities, exercises and music.

Baby Fairies

Aimed at toddlers – 2yrs needing a parent to join them in fairy Wonderland. Classes contain the same content as other Fairy Classes focusing on developing confidence to eventually attend a class independently.

Fairy Dance

Ballet and jazz are the base of these classes. Taught using a variety of music and props including action songs to enhance co-ordination and technique.

Fairy Tap

Tap steps are taught from a basic level. Concentrating on Co-ordination and rhythm through music and fun.

Fairy Acro

Acro is a fabulous class teaching the safe art of handstands, body rolls and general flexibility, strength and balancing.

Fairy Mash Up

Hip Hop, Jazz and Musical Theatre all in One Fun Fairy Class! Perfect for confidence building and those who love upbeat music.

Footloose Fairies

A high energy class focusing on Jazz style dance. Learning basic techniques of jazz, while maintaining the fun fairy class atmosphere.

Ballet Fairies

A class for those wanting to continue with Ballet without the pressure of exams.

What to expect in our Fairy Dance Classes

As a parent, choosing which activities to put our kids in is a tough decision to make. But once they attend their first lesson at The Fairyshop, you will not be disappointed. Professionally trained teachers co-ordinate Classes for Kids in our beautiful custom-built fairy venue in Joondalup.

Our teachers are absolutely adored by their students, just as the teachers adore them too! Our program has been running for an impressive 9 years here in Joondalup and is considered the “go-to” place for young fun Dance Classes in the Perth Northern Suburbs.

With Ballet, Tap, Acro, Hiphop, Footloose Fairies and Musical Theatre classes for children aged 2 years up, our vast timetable is sure to suit your family’s schedule. In addition, The Fairyshop offers the first lesson as a Free Trial class. This enables you to have peace of mind knowing they can try out a class before making the commitment to enrol in weekly dance classes. Most of all, Fairy Dance Classes are designed to be fun!