“When I grow up I want to have the best job in the world” and I have very much achieved that goal of becoming a Fairy Ballet Teacher. So many people say to me “Oh your job must be so fun and easy just dancing around and singing all day”… Well yes, it is very fun. But I definitely wouldn’t call it easy! Every single day and every single class has its own set of unique challenges, and each time it is something different. You can never fully prepare yourself for what is going to go on in that classroom, as it is never the same as the last time you set foot in there!


As the majority of our students are pre-schoolers we are in a very unique and special position of often being the first teacher in their life. They haven’t been to school yet, often haven’t done another structured activity at all, and in some cases they haven’t been to daycare or had any independent interactions without a parent being present. So this is an important first for them, and you are an important first in their life. This is of course a gorgeous blessing, but something to also be very aware of as those little eyes don’t miss a thing!


Often children might bring you a drawing or a colouring in picture (or even a scribble). My favourite are the ones where they draw a picture of you two together.So the drawing looks something like a little tiny girl, and then a big monster with a huge head and a big belly… you think to yourself oh my goodness is that what I really look like to this child? That I am a huge giant towering over this tiny little girl? Well think again – because studies show that the bigger the child draws you in relation to themselves in the picture, then the more they love and respect you and look up to you. So don’t feel offended when a child hands you a picture of an obese whale saying it is you – feel privileged 🙂


Another present you could receive is a stick, or a leaf or a rock. Something the student has found on her adventures and wanted to bring to give to you. Now this may seem so random and make you want to giggle, but really think about it. This child was going about her day away from Fairy Ballet, and you were the one that crossed her mind when she saw this stick/leaf/rock. In a place and time so far removed from her dance class you were still having an impact on her life. That is such a special thing.


Finally, keep an eye on their hairstyles. If you wore piggy-tails last week then they may come to Fairy Ballet next week with piggy-tails too. Or if you have a pink ribbon last week, you guessed it, they will want a pink ribbon next week. A sure sign to tell if you have won over your student is to watch if she tries to copy you. I went through a phase once of holding the remote for the music in my bra strap while I was teaching (so I still had both hands free but didn’t have to go back to put the remote down) then one Mum said that her daughter wouldn’t stop putting their TV remote in her leotard at home!


So always be mindful and always be aware of what a special person you are in these little ones lives. You may only see them for 30 minutes a week which may seem like nothing to you but to them it could be the most important 30 minutes of their entire week, so make the most of it for them.

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