I don’t know about you, but personally I find it so difficult to make new friends in this day and age.


With life being so fast paced and busy, we rarely find ourselves even having the time to consider forming and nurturing new friendships and it all just seems too hard. But life is very different when you are a three-year-old-Fairy-Ballerina! And one of my favourite things to observe in class is the precious little friendships formed in that short amount of time each week.


It is a very unique situation as the girls are away from their parents guidance therefore take their own lead and use their own intuition when forming these friendships in the classroom. The friendships range from holding hands while dancing, giggling with each other during a song, or requesting that their friend sit next to them at sticker time.These interactions are so important for the girls social development and learning how to interact with others independently.


What absolutely makes my heart burst is observing the girls reactions when a new student joins the class and may be a little upset for their first day. Often once one little dancer starts crying it is like a chain reaction and we end up with tears from a few different eyes as they hate seeing their friends upset! However it can also work the other way around with the girls offering to give cuddles or hold hands with the new student to help look after her and feel safe and involved. Just last week in one of my classes of the girls was a little upset and unsure so another dancer jumped up and gave her a hug…then proceeded to go around the entire circle of 8 little girls to give them each a hug too so no one would be “left out”. It turned out to be quite a lengthy process in the end but very sweet to observe!


So while they are young allow and encourage your little ballerinas to make these friendships with their friends – because once they are adults there is no more dancing around holding hands, no more singing songs and giggling, and no more squishing in right next to your best friend at sticker time. I’m sure you all have great memories of childhood friendships that you may not see or hear or even know of those peoples whereabouts now, so let’s encourage and nurture those friendships for our little ones at Fairy Ballet.

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