Oftentimes when new Fairy Ballerinas come along to the wonderful experience of Fairy Ballet it may be their very first time away from Mum or Dad… And what an honour for us teachers to be apart of such a special experience for your family as we are here to help & guide you through it. We have a unique set-up for our Fairy Ballet classes where all students age 2 and above go into the classroom with their teachers and friends, while Mums & Dads wait outside and enjoy a coffee whilst watching the class on our live TV monitor. There is no parent participation required, and the children are learning independently without distractions. (And let’s be honest there is also the plus side of a little “me” time for parents as well!)


First things first, separation anxiety is a normal stage of children’s development. It is not something be worried or embarrassed about if your child experiences it when coming to ballet. So no apologies or excuses are necessary… it is normal and we have seen it all before we promise! Coming to Fairy Ballet is a fun and wonderful experience for both dancers and parents, but do be aware that sometimes it may take your little dancer a few weeks to settle in. I have compiled my three favourite tips below to help overcome separation anxiety at Fairy Ballet.

  1. FAMILIARITY -Bring in your child’s comforter, dummy, blanky or favorite toy from home if it will help. In the past we have had classes with 10 loved and stained toy lined up across the front of the classroom “watching the class” to help the girls settle…whatever works right! Slowly over the weeks less and less toys needed to come to watch and finally by the final week of term the girls were all happy to go in without their home comforts as they had found comfort in their Fairy Ballet class.

       2.  MUMS HANDBAG – Something that may trigger separation anxiety is that your daughter may be worried you will leave here there and never return. So if you think of an item that your daughter knows you would never leave without – your handbag or even  your car keys for example, and she can have that with her in the classroom. Knowing that the item is there within her reach means that you are not far away either and helps settle that anxiety.

        3.OFF LIKE A BANDAID – If your daughter is distressed or upset before going into the classroom, my best advice is to let one of our beautiful teachers pick her up and whisk her away into the classroom quickly before there is time to think about it. Just like ripping of a bandaid quickly, having a quick goodbye then straight into classroom where she will soon be having fun and be distracted by the colours and music and her friends and be having a great time sooner rather than later. Drawing out the farewell process only makes children (and parents) even more distressed.


Remember we are here to help make your experience at Fairy Ballet a happy, positive and magical one, and if there is anything else at all we can do to help your dancer feel more settled in her classes please don’t hesitate to chat with your teacher.

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